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Mandy Creed Green

  • How True Is Our History

How True Is Our History

Monday 24th July 2023

Join Mandy Creed Green as she shares her homeschooling journey and explores how context shapes personal and historical narratives.
35 minutes

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Recovery & Restoration with Mandy Creed Green
Mandy Creed Green
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Rewriting Our Stories: Mandy Creed Green on Homeschooling and Context

Episode Overview

  • Mandy discusses the joys and challenges of homeschooling, emphasizing the importance of adapting to children's needs, both educationally and medically.
  • She shares personal experiences to illustrate how context shapes personal narratives and the interpretation of historical events.
  • Mandy highlights the impact of biases on historical and personal narratives, urging listeners to approach stories with empathy and grace.
  • She explores the transformative potential of understanding context in relationships, self-talk, and daily interactions.
  • By sharing anecdotes and insights, Mandy invites listeners to reflect on how context influences their own stories and perceptions.
How we tell our story matters, and it matters in how we feel about it ourselves. There's a reason historians have waited 20 years as a general rule before assessing historical events. Let's apply a few things I've been discussing to how we relate to people in our lives.
Have you ever thought about how the context of your life shapes your personal story? In this episode, Mandy Creed Green takes you on a journey through her homeschooling experience, filled with humorous and touching anecdotes. She dives into the reasons behind her choice to homeschool and the unique challenges she faced along the way. But Mandy doesn't stop there.
She explores how the context of our lives influences the way we perceive our personal histories and even the broader narratives of history itself. With a focus on understanding biases, she emphasizes the importance of empathy and grace in our daily interactions and relationships. Mandy also introduces the '3 to 1 Rule for Complaining', a practical tool to help protect and nurture your interpersonal connections.
Whether you're a parent considering homeschooling or someone interested in how context shapes our stories, this episode offers valuable insights and heartfelt reflections that will leave you pondering your own life narratives.