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  • “I Always Blame Myself For Things Not Working Out”

“I Always Blame Myself For Things Not Working Out”

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Join Ash on Codependent N’ Sh*t as she delves into the cycle of self-worth beliefs that keep us stuck and unhappy, with practical advice for breaking the cycle and loving ourselves.
21 minutes

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Breaking the Cycle of Self-Worth Beliefs on Codependent N’ Sh*t

There's never been anything wrong with you and there's nothing wrong with you now. Forgive yourself for everything, everything you think you've done wrong.
Codependent N’ Sh*t is a podcast hosted by Ash that tackles real-life issues and provides practical advice for personal growth and self-healing. In the episode, “I Always Blame Myself For Things Not Working Out,” Ash discusses the cycle of self-worth beliefs that keep us stuck and unhappy, and the practical ways to break the cycle and love ourselves. Ash delves into the importance of realizing that the situations we find ourselves in are not a matter of us doing wrong, but rather a lesson that we need to learn. She emphasizes the importance of catching the belief that we are not worthy of good things and forgiving ourselves for ever believing it.
Ash draws from her own experiences and explains how spiritual psychology has helped her and many others to implement practical tools to heal and grow. She stresses the importance of catching negative thoughts and realizing that they are coming from a wound, and changing those thoughts to positive ones. Ash believes that everyone is their own worst enemy and that we are manifesting what we believe we deserve.
In this episode, Ash also emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and realizing that there has never been anything wrong with us. She encourages listeners to forgive themselves for everything they think they've done wrong, and to realize that they are worthy of love. Ash believes that when we are ready, the lesson will appear, and that the lesson is always to return home within ourselves and realize that we are loved.
Ash provides practical advice for breaking the cycle of self-worth beliefs and manifesting positive things in our lives. She encourages listeners to join her Facebook group to connect with like-minded individuals, be open and vulnerable, and grow together. Ash's message is inspiring, empowering, and informative, offering practical ways to improve our relationships with ourselves and others. If you're struggling with codependency, self-worth, or spirituality, Codependent N’ Sh*t is the podcast for you. Listen to the episode now here on