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  • I Didn't Know Natural Pain Relief Could Be This Good

I Didn't Know Natural Pain Relief Could Be This Good

Tuesday 6th May 2008

Join Lou Paradise in an inspiring conversation about natural pain relief on Vibrant Purposeful Living Radio. Learn about innovative solutions for life and ways to restore your quality of life.
26 minutes

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Natural Pain Relief: An Inspiring Conversation with Lou Paradise

You just didn't relieve my pain, you restored my hope, you helped me restore my quality of life, something I thought was totally lost and I would never get it back.
Lou Paradise, innovator of the leading pain relief cream Topricin, joins Dr. Pat on Vibrant Purposeful Living Radio to discuss natural pain relief. The devastating effects of the Rx opioid addiction epidemic are felt by many, but Lou is passionate about creating solutions for life. Topricin products have the distinction of being the only topical biomedicines patented for the treatment of neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and other forms of pain. Lou and Dr.
Pat discuss the power of natural ingredients and the importance of understanding pain causes. Lou shares inspiring stories of people who found relief and restored hope thanks to Topricin products. He also highlights the need for better medical training in pain management and the impact of pain on people's lives. Julie, an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Kuntaya, joins the conversation to talk about the role of faith and courage in overcoming fear.
The episode ends with a call to action to visit and find natural pain relief products. Listen to the episode now and discover innovative solutions for life that can help you restore your quality of life.