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with Steph Roberts

  • Into Action, Part 1: Steps 5-9

Into Action, Part 1: Steps 5-9

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Explore the importance of taking action in sobriety with 'Away' Episode 11: Into Action, Part 1: Steps 5-9. Learn about the power of discussing our defects with others and why it's essential to be better people in sobriety.
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The Importance of Taking Action in Sobriety: A Review of 'Away' Episode 11

Our real purpose in sobriety is to be better people, and by that I simply mean that we try to be kinder and stop contributing to other people’s suffering. Easy peasy!
In episode 11 of 'Away', Steph Roberts dives into Chapter 6 of the Big Book, 'Into Action', and explores the importance of taking action in sobriety. The episode focuses on steps 5-9 and the power of discussing our defects with another person. Roberts emphasizes the significance of being better people in sobriety and being kinder to others. She acknowledges the difficulty in discussing our defects with others but stresses that it's essential for overcoming drinking.
Roberts explains that speaking with another person helps to alleviate obsessive thinking and provides a clearer picture. Some individuals choose to do step five with a psychiatrist, and the book doesn't specify that it has to be a sponsor. The key is to find someone with whom you've developed a trusting relationship. After completing step five, the book provides clear-cut instructions for returning home, finding a quiet place, and carefully reviewing what you've done.
Roberts explains that as you move on to steps 6-9, more defects will come up, and it's important to let go of things that may once have helped you but are now hindering you. She shares her personal experience of hearing almost everything with criticism, which wasn't enhancing her life at all. Roberts encourages listeners to work on letting go of things that are no longer serving them.
She also discusses the concept of making amends and explains that sometimes a living amends is necessary, and reintroducing the behavior to someone else may cause pain and suffering. When it serves a good purpose, it's essential to announce our convictions with tact and common sense. Roberts argues that even believers should leave God out of an amends. Overall, 'Away' Episode 11 is informative, thought-provoking, and engaging.
It's a motivational and life-changing episode that emphasizes the importance of taking action in sobriety and being better people. If you're interested in exploring change through sobriety, listen to the episode now here on alcoholfree.com.