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  • Its ok to be Angry

Its ok to be Angry

Monday 14th January 2019

Join Ms.B, the Goddess of Empathy, as she talks about the importance of embracing anger and protecting oneself from toxic communication. Listen to the podcast now on
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It's okay to be angry - A lesson from Ms.B, the Goddess of Empathy

I don't argue with people, I really don't argue. So I really really really attempt not to get into arguments with people, because I know the power of words and I know the power of your tongue. And I don't want to bring any cursing on anyone or any cursing upon myself by wishing bad and ill will against someone because I'd said something out of anger and at the same time, it's okay to be angry.
Ms.B, the Goddess of Empathy, is known for her unique approach to addiction and mental health. In her latest episode, she tackles the topic of anger and its place in our emotional spectrum. As someone who grew up amidst the crack epidemic, Ms.B knows firsthand the dangers of toxic communication and how it can trigger anger.
She shares her personal story of receiving a letter from an unknown person in a correctional facility and how it made her feel vulnerable and angry. Despite this, Ms.B emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself from toxic communication and embracing anger as a healthy emotion. She speaks about the power of words and the tongue and how they can bring about both good and bad.
Ms.B also highlights the significance of righteous anger and how it can be a powerful force for change. This episode also includes a new segment called 'Ask Ms.B', where listeners can send in questions or seek advice about a loved one struggling with addiction or mental health. Ms.B's insights are empowering, informative, and thought-provoking. Listen to the full episode now on and learn how to navigate the complexities of anger and toxic communication in a healthy way.