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  • jan 7th 2020

jan 7th 2020

Monday 6th January 2020

Discover the importance of connecting with a higher power through faith and spirituality with the Relational Recovery podcast. Listen to real stories of hope and healing on
12 minutes

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Connecting with a Higher Power: Relational Recovery Podcast Episode

If you are looking for maximum human experience on earth, it is intrinsically linked to your ability to connect your existence and your experience to the one who gave it to you in the first place.
Relational Recovery is a podcast series that empowers individuals who are struggling with addictions to overcome their unwanted behaviors through a blend of Christian spirituality and psychology. In the January 7th, 2020 episode, the hosts dive into the importance of connecting with a higher power through faith and spirituality. They draw inspiration from the New Testament, specifically from Matthew, chapter verses, to highlight the significance of prayer, forgiveness, and fasting.
Listeners are encouraged to give their gifts in secret, pray to their father secretly, and not to make their fasts obvious to others. The hosts also emphasize that the human experience on earth is intrinsically linked to an individual's ability to connect their existence and experience to the one who gave it to them in the first place. This connection can be achieved through faith and spirituality.
The episode features real stories of hope and healing, showcasing the effectiveness of blending Christian spirituality and psychology in the recovery process. Listeners will also learn about the science of behavior change and how to get started on their journey to recovery. Maintaining integrity and giving thanks are also highlighted as essential elements of the recovery process.
The episode ends with a powerful reminder from Psalm 7:1-5, where David prays to God to save him from his persecutors and declares his innocence. The hosts encourage listeners to tune their ears to wisdom and concentrate on understanding, searching for them as they would for lost money or hidden treasure. This Relational Recovery podcast episode is inspiring, empowering, and offers a compassionate approach to overcoming addictions.
Listen to it on and start your journey towards hope and healing today.