Dr. William Nelson

Your Road to Personal Addiction Recovery

Your Road to Personal Addiction Recovery

  • Jeff Lott

Jeff Lott

Thursday 4th July 2024

Jeff Lott from NET Recovery discusses innovative treatments for opioid addiction and shares how their FDA-approved device is making a difference.

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Your Road to Personal Addiction Recovery
Dr. William Nelson
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Innovative Solutions for Opioid Addiction: Jeff Lott's Journey

Episode Overview

  • NET Recovery's innovative device uses electrical currents to aid in OUD treatment.
  • The device has received FDA approval and is being implemented in Kentucky.
  • Partnerships with rehab centres like Isaiah House are crucial for providing comprehensive support.
  • Societal perceptions of addiction are shifting towards understanding and compassion.
  • Future plans include expanding the treatment across the US.
Society, thankfully, has kind of shifted to see that a whole lot of people who struggle with OUD aren't people who went into it with bad intentions
Jeff Lott, the Director of Communications for NET Recovery, joins Dr. William Nelson in this episode of 'Your Road to Personal Addiction Recovery' to discuss groundbreaking developments in treating opioid use disorder (OUD). Jeff shares the inspiring journey of NET Recovery, which began with a Scottish surgeon in the 60s using acupuncture for anaesthesia and has evolved into an FDA-approved treatment for OUD.
You'll hear about the innovative device that uses electrical currents to help reset the brain's chemical production, making withdrawal more manageable. Jeff also talks about the practical applications of this device and how it's already making a difference in Kentucky through partnerships with local rehab centres like Isaiah House. The episode sheds light on the challenges faced by those struggling with addiction, including societal perceptions and the difficulties in accessing necessary treatments.
Jeff's personal anecdotes and professional insights offer hope and practical advice for those affected by OUD. Tune in to learn how NET Recovery aims to expand its reach across the US and bring life-changing treatment to those in need.