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  • John Ondrasik(Five For Fighting). Does America Have 100 Years To Live?

John Ondrasik(Five For Fighting). Does America Have 100 Years To Live?

Wednesday 10th July 2024

Ben Stein and Judah Friedman chat with John Ondrasik about saving America, his new music, and more. A mix of politics, personal stories, and a call to action.
50 minutes

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John Ondrasik: Can Music Save America?

Episode Overview

  • Discusses how individuals can contribute to saving the Republic.
  • John Ondrasik shares insights on his latest musical projects.
  • Reflects on the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and its impact.
  • Examines the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and media's role.
  • Emphasises the power of using one's voice for change.
We all have one vote and we all have one voice.
This episode of 'The World According to Ben Stein' brings together the dynamic trio of Ben Stein, Judah Friedman, and special guest John Ondrasik from Five for Fighting. They dive into the question, 'Does America Have 100 Years to Live?' and explore how individuals can contribute to preserving the Republic. Ondrasik shares his latest musical projects and reflects on his career, drawing parallels with Stein's own journey.
The conversation touches on heavy topics like the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the role of media in shaping public opinion. Despite the serious subject matter, there's a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect that keeps the discussion engaging and heartfelt. Ondrasik also talks about his efforts to bring awareness through music, recounting his performances and the emotional reactions they evoke.
The episode is a blend of political commentary, personal stories, and a call to action for listeners to use their voices for change. It's a compelling listen for anyone interested in current events, music, and the power of individual action.