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Corey Winfield

  • July 7th, 2024 - Thin Line

July 7th, 2024 - Thin Line

Monday 8th July 2024

Corey Winfield shares personal struggles and insights on balancing life and being a recovery coach in this heartfelt episode of 217 Recovery.
13 minutes

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Balancing Act: The Fine Line in Addiction Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Corey shares a personal story about a friend's relapse.
  • Discusses the emotional challenges of being a recovery coach.
  • Highlights the importance of setting boundaries in helping others.
  • Emphasises self-care for those supporting people in recovery.
  • Reflects on balancing personal life with the demands of recovery coaching.
Sometimes you have to step away. You have to take care of you.
In this heartfelt episode of the 217 Recovery Podcast, Corey Winfield reflects on the thin line between life and death in the journey of addiction recovery. Corey shares a deeply personal story about a friend from his sober living days who struggled with relapse and how it impacted him. The episode dives into the emotional toll of being a recovery coach, balancing personal life, and the difficult decisions that come with helping others.
Corey's candid recounting of his experiences offers a raw and honest look at the challenges faced by those in recovery and those supporting them. Marney Winfield, Corey's co-host and wife, also adds her perspective, highlighting the importance of self-care and boundaries in the recovery journey. The episode is a blend of poignant moments, practical advice, and a touch of humour, making it relatable and engaging for anyone affected by addiction.
Tune in to hear Corey’s reflections on finding balance and the importance of stepping back when needed.