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Just Some Observations

Monday 14th February 2022

Brian Ario discusses addiction, mental health challenges, and the importance of community support in recovery on 'Everyday Addict'.
33 minutes

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Brian Ario's Take: Addressing Addiction and Mental Health Hurdles

Recovery isn't long lasting or sustaining for very few people. When we lose our family unit, we end up losing our identity of who we are. It boils down to a soul problem, a welfare for other people problem that we don't care.
Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of addiction and mental health? In this episode of 'Everyday Addict,' Brian Ario offers a candid look at some pressing issues that often go unnoticed. From the lack of funding for addiction treatment to the struggles faced by those dealing with both mental health challenges and incarceration, Brian doesn't shy away from tough topics.
He sheds light on how community and family support play crucial roles in recovery and discusses the often-overlooked link between homelessness and addiction. Brian also touches on the misuse of government assistance programs, sharing his personal experiences with faith and spirituality along the way. His insights are not just informative but deeply personal, making this episode a must-listen for anyone affected by these issues.
Brian wraps up with a heartfelt call-to-action, urging listeners to connect with him and share the podcast to help others. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that aims to bring understanding and support to those on their recovery journey.