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  • La Cara Oculta 05-07-24

La Cara Oculta 05-07-24

Friday 5th July 2024

Join Faustino as he shares raw and honest reflections on addiction, offering hope and practical advice for those battling alcohol and drug dependency.
60 minutes

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Faustino's Journey: Unmasking Addiction's Hidden Struggles

Episode Overview

  • Faustino shares his raw and honest experiences with addiction.
  • The episode covers the hidden struggles of alcohol and drug dependency.
  • Practical advice is offered for overcoming addiction.
  • The impact of addiction on relationships and mental health is discussed.
  • Listeners receive hope and encouragement for their recovery journey.
The life is how she wants to prepare, guise.
Faustino is back with another eye-opening episode of 'La Cara Oculta'. This time, he dives deep into the hidden struggles of alcohol and drug addiction, sharing his personal experiences and reflections. With a mix of humour and raw honesty, Faustino paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced by those battling addiction. He doesn't shy away from discussing the harsh realities but also offers hope and practical advice for those looking to overcome their struggles.
You'll hear about the importance of staying grounded, the pitfalls of excessive partying, and the impact of addiction on relationships and mental health. Faustino's candid storytelling makes this episode both engaging and relatable, especially for anyone who has faced similar battles or knows someone who has. Whether you're on your own recovery journey or supporting a loved one, this episode is packed with valuable insights and heartfelt encouragement.
Don't miss out on Faustino's unique perspective and practical tips for navigating life without alcohol or drugs. Tune in to find out why this episode could be a game-changer for anyone dealing with addiction.