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  • Learning to Play the Game of Life

Learning to Play the Game of Life

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Learn how to improve your life and prevent addiction with proven techniques and principles from football. Listen to The Next Right STEPS podcast episode now on
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Winning the Game of Life: Lessons from Football

There are many similarities between football and the game of life, but there are also differences in life. What really matters is how we play the game.
The Next Right STEPS podcast episode, 'Learning to Play the Game of Life', offers insights and principles that can help anyone improve their life and prevent addiction. In this episode, Steve C. Ward, founder of Steps Ministries, uses football as a metaphor for the game of life, highlighting key principles that are essential for success in both.
Ward discusses four main areas: the pursuit of excellence, developing a solid game plan, dealing with setbacks effectively, and basic principles for playing the game of life. By being intentional in our preparation, mastering the fundamentals, and focusing on the process of what we can control, we move towards excellence. Developing a solid game plan, that follows the rules of the game and matches our skills, increases our odds of success.
Setbacks are opportunities for growth, and we can handle them effectively by persevering and learning from our mistakes. Finally, Ward emphasizes the importance of surrendering ourselves to the will of the coach, utilizing our strengths, working well with others, and focusing on making one good play at a time. By applying these principles, we can improve our lives and find more peace, joy, and purpose.
As Ward says, 'What really matters is how we play the game.' So the next time you watch a football game, look for life lessons that stand out to you and start playing the game of life more effectively. Listen to the full episode now on