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  • Living A Courageous Year

Living A Courageous Year

Sunday 6th January 2019

Join Valerie Silveira as she shares her thoughts on living courageously and how it can change your life. Learn from her experiences and reflections on the subject. Listen to the podcast episode now on
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Warriors in Hope with Valerie Silveira
Valerie Silveira
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Living Courageously: A Conversation with Valerie Silveira

Anything worth having or being takes COURAGE! It is my word of the year for 2019, and beyond! It should be your WORD too!
Valerie Silveira | Trauma Disruptor & Legacy Leader® is an award-winning author and speaker who empowers individuals worldwide to stand up and live courageously through her books, workbooks, journals, and 9 Weapons of Hope™. In this podcast episode, Valerie talks about the importance of courage in achieving anything worth having or being. She encourages listeners to cultivate courage by seeking guidance, coaching, inspiration, and empowerment.
Valerie shares her personal experience with courage, including how she stood up and found hope in the face of her daughter's addiction and murder. She also discusses the nine actions of hope and how they can help individuals overcome fear and doubt. Valerie emphasizes the significance of living with purpose and integrity, taking daily actions to change, and being responsible for one's own life.
She encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences with courage and find ways to step into their destiny and live out their mission. By listening to this podcast episode, you can gain valuable insights and inspiration on how to live courageously and transform your life. Don't forget to check out Valerie's website for more resources and programs on living a life of hope and courage. Listen to the episode now here on