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  • Loving YOU in 2022: How to be alone on Valentine's Day

Loving YOU in 2022: How to be alone on Valentine's Day

Friday 11th February 2022

Embrace self-love this Valentine's Day with expert advice from Senée Seale on 'The Princess Guide to Relationships & Recovery'.
13 minutes

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Valentine's Day Alone: Embracing Self-Love with Senée Seale

Learning to love yourself isn't easy. If it were, we would all be pros at it and mental health professionals would be out of jobs. However, I am living proof that it's possible.
Valentine's Day can be a tough time for anyone feeling the sting of loneliness or struggling in their relationships. The pressure to have a romantic partner and the bombardment of happy couple images can make you feel left out. But what if this Valentine's Day, you focused on the most important relationship of all – the one with yourself?
In this episode of 'The Princess Guide to Relationships & Recovery', Senée Seale, a seasoned life coach and mental health professional, dives into the art of self-love. Senée shares her own experiences with loneliness and heartbreak, offering a heartfelt and relatable perspective. She provides practical steps to help you start loving yourself more, drawing from her insightful book series, 'The Princess Guide'.
Whether you're single, going through a rough patch, or just looking to strengthen your relationship with yourself, this episode is packed with advice and encouragement. Senée's warm and empathetic approach makes this a must-listen for anyone seeking inner peace and happiness, especially during the Valentine's Day season.