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  • Make Real Connections with Kami Muhlestein

Make Real Connections with Kami Muhlestein

Friday 21st June 2024

Recreational therapist Kami Muhlestein shares her journey and insights on making real connections for healing in this heartfelt episode.
68 minutes

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Finding Healing Through Real Connections with Kami Muhlestein

Episode Overview

  • Recreational therapy can open doors that traditional methods might miss.
  • Real connections start with oneself and extend to others.
  • Internal validation and self-compassion are key to healing.
  • Small adjustments can significantly improve quality of life.
  • Playful interactions can be transformative in the healing process.
The only person that can heal my hurt is me and somebody upstairs
In this episode of 'Heal The Hurt', host Chris Wilkins sits down with his long-time friend and recreational therapist, Kami Muhlestein, to discuss the power of making real connections. Kami shares her journey from a competitive softball player to a dedicated therapist, highlighting the importance of play and connection in the healing process. They explore how recreational therapy can open doors that traditional methods might miss, especially when it involves activities like ropes courses and river rafting.
Kami's experiences with children with intellectual disabilities around horses provide touching anecdotes about the transformative power of simple, playful interactions. Chris and Kami also dive into the concept of internal validation and self-compassion. Kami's personal stories, including her struggles with being cut from her softball team and her first marriage, offer a raw and honest look at how life's challenges can lead to deeper self-understanding and empathy.
The episode emphasises that real connections start with oneself and extend to others, creating a supportive network that fosters healing and growth. If you're looking for practical advice on moving forward and reclaiming your life, this episode is a must-listen. Kami's insights on making small adjustments to improve quality of life are both inspiring and actionable. Whether you're dealing with addiction, trauma, or just the everyday stresses of life, you'll find something valuable in this heartfelt conversation.
Tune in to 'Heal The Hurt' for an engaging discussion that reminds us all of the importance of connection and self-compassion. It's never too late to heal, and sometimes, all it takes is a little play and a lot of heart.