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Mental Health Business: Social Media Today

Thursday 3rd January 2019

Discover how Ann Siegle, a marketing expert, shares her insights on how to utilize social media for mental health businesses. Listen to the episode now here on!
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Maximizing Social Media for Mental Health Businesses: Insights from Ann Siegle on Mental Health News Radio

I think tech's going to tech will help us in that way.
Mental health businesses face unique challenges when it comes to marketing themselves and reaching out to their target audience. In a recent episode of Mental Health News Radio, Ann Siegle, a marketing expert, shared her insights on how mental health businesses can maximize social media to promote their services and connect with potential clients. One of the key challenges that mental health businesses face is the need to comply with HIPAA requirements and guidelines for protecting patient privacy.
Siegle emphasized the importance of being aware of these guidelines when crafting social media content and engaging with clients online. Peer-to-peer conversations play a crucial role in mental health outreach and engagement, and Siegle stressed the importance of having staff members who are responsible for managing social media, responding to comments, and engaging with clients on a regular basis.
She also highlighted the role that video and podcasts can play in mental health marketing, noting that these formats can be effective tools for building trust and establishing credibility with potential clients. Finally, Siegle discussed the potential for tech solutions to help solve some of the problems that mental health businesses are facing, such as the need for more accessible and affordable treatment options.
Overall, the episode provided valuable insights and practical tips for mental health businesses looking to maximize their social media presence and reach a wider audience.