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  • Mess it Up Show 329 - Incentivize

Mess it Up Show 329 - Incentivize

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Join Bow Tie Guy & Bev as they share their adventures at Celebrate Recovery Summit, from setting up tents to heartfelt stories and unexpected moments.
34 minutes

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Celebrate Recovery Summit: Behind the Scenes with Bow Tie Guy & Bev

Episode Overview

  • Celebrate Recovery Summit offers a unique sense of community and family.
  • Volunteering at the resource tent provides opportunities to hear inspiring stories.
  • The summit includes special moments like the cross ceremony for personal reflection.
  • Tributes to lost friends highlight the importance of cherishing every moment.
  • Attending Celebrate Recovery events can be transformative for those on a recovery journey.
It's like Christmas Day. I look forward to this all year long.
Get ready for a lively episode of the Mess It Up Podcast, where the Bow Tie Guy and Bev take you on a journey through the Celebrate Recovery Summit at Saddleback Church. Broadcasting from a scenic spot on campus, they share their excitement and preparations for this year's event. You'll hear about the setup of the resource tent, complete with books, shirts, and more, all while enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather.
The hosts provide a humorous recount of their experience, including the unexpected interruptions from a truck and the joys of meeting familiar faces. Bev and the Bow Tie Guy reflect on their roles as ambassadors and volunteers, emphasising the sense of community and family that comes with attending the summit. They discuss the significance of testimonies and personal stories shared by attendees, highlighting the transformative power of Celebrate Recovery.
The episode also features a touching tribute to friends they've lost, underscoring the importance of cherishing every moment. With light-hearted banter and heartfelt moments, this episode captures the essence of what makes the Celebrate Recovery Summit special. Tune in to discover how you can be part of this inspiring event and find hope in your own recovery journey.