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  • Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson

Tuesday 9th July 2024

NFL veteran Mike Gibson shares his gripping journey from professional football to addiction and back to sobriety in this episode of 'The Payoff with Pete'.
67 minutes

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Mike Gibson: From NFL Stardom to Sobriety

Episode Overview

  • Mike Gibson shares his journey from NFL stardom to addiction and recovery.
  • Discusses the impact of family and upbringing on his life choices.
  • Highlights the importance of treating recovery with the same dedication as sports.
  • Emphasises the role of support systems in overcoming addiction.
  • Offers hope and practical advice for those struggling with addiction.
If you treat narcotics anonymous like you did your football career, you're going to be a professional at that too
Mike Gibson's story is nothing short of inspiring. In this episode of 'The Payoff with Pete', you'll hear about Mike's journey from playing six years in the NFL to hitting rock bottom due to drug addiction. But this isn't just a tale of downfall; it's a story of redemption and recovery that will resonate with anyone who has faced similar struggles.
Mike, who now works in recovery, shares his experiences candidly, making it clear that no matter how far you fall, there's always a way back up. Pete Sousa, the host, brings out the raw and real side of Mike's life, from his early days in sports to his battles with addiction and his eventual path to sobriety. You'll find yourself rooting for Mike as he talks about overcoming the odds, rebuilding his life, and helping others do the same.
Whether you're a sports fan or someone seeking hope in their recovery journey, this episode offers a powerful reminder that recovery is possible. Don't miss out on this compelling conversation that blends humour, honesty, and heartfelt moments.