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  • Mommy Doesn't Need Wine

Mommy Doesn't Need Wine

Friday 17th March 2023

Kristina Margaret unpacks the glamorized wine culture among moms, exposing Big Alcohol's tactics and sharing her recovery journey.
26 minutes

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Mommy Doesn’t Need Wine: Unmasking the Wine Culture Among Mothers

When we excuse these substances that we continue to use, that oppress us and poison us. It doesn't want you to buy their product because it's good for you and because it will make you happier or healthier.
Ever felt like wine is being shoved down your throat at every social gathering? Kristina Margaret tackles this head-on in 'After Party The Podcast'. In this episode, she pulls back the curtain on the glamorized wine culture among moms. From the subtle manipulations of Big Alcohol's marketing to the societal norms that have made wine seem like a necessity, Kristina doesn't hold back.
She shares her own journey through recovery, highlighting how wine's 'luxurious' image is more about clever advertising than reality. But it’s not just about the adults – Kristina dives into what constant exposure to this culture teaches our kids. With her signature candid style, she questions how this impacts the next generation's view on alcohol. If you've ever questioned why wine seems like the go-to for every mom's night out, this episode is a must-listen.
Get ready for an eye-opening conversation that might just change your perspective on that glass of vino.