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  • My childhood trauma part 1

My childhood trauma part 1

Friday 4th January 2019

Join #Stayblessed on an emotional journey of overcoming childhood trauma and battling mental health in this inspiring and thought-provoking episode.
52 minutes

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#Stayblessed Podcasts: Overcoming Childhood Trauma

Battling mental health is not easy but can be scary BUT don't be scared to share and reach out. So many benefits! I am that person who understands it all. I want to inspire and make my Podcast be well known.
In this episode of the #Stayblessed Podcast, the host bravely shares her experience of childhood trauma, mental illness, and addiction. Battling mental health is never easy, but it can be especially challenging when you're dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic childhood. Throughout the episode, the host shares her raw and emotional journey of survival, including her time spent in foster care and the challenges she faced along the way. Despite the hardships, she refuses to give up and instead chooses to embrace vulnerability, build resilience, and work towards emotional healing. Here are some of the main takeaways from this inspiring and thought-provoking episode.
The episode begins with the host sharing some personal updates, including the birth of her second child and her mother's bipolar disorder. She then delves into her childhood trauma, which began when her mother's boyfriend moved in with them. The boyfriend was physically abusive towards the host and her brothers, and their mother was powerless to stop him. The host speaks candidly about the fear and pain she felt during this time, including the moment when her mother threatened to kill herself with a knife if the abuse didn't stop.
As the abuse continued, the host and her brothers were eventually taken into foster care. While some of their foster homes were kind and nurturing, others were abusive and neglectful. The host shares her experiences of being falsely accused of self-harm and the emotional toll it took on her. Despite these challenges, she continued to push forward, even emancipating herself at the age of 16 and reconnecting with her mother.
Throughout the episode, the host emphasizes the importance of embracing vulnerability and reaching out for help when you need it. She acknowledges that battling mental health is never easy, but it's crucial to break the cycle of silence and shame. By sharing her story, she hopes to inspire others to do the same and work towards emotional healing and growth.
In conclusion, the #Stayblessed Podcast's episode on childhood trauma and mental illness is a powerful and emotional journey of survival and growth. The host's bravery and vulnerability serve as an inspiration for anyone who has faced similar challenges and is struggling to move forward. By sharing her story, she is breaking the cycle of silence and shame and creating a space for healing and growth. Listen to the full episode to hear the host's powerful and thought-provoking story of resilience and hope.