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  • N218_070824 Rom. 14:20,22 Addiction Is A State Of Mind

N218_070824 Rom. 14:20,22 Addiction Is A State Of Mind

Monday 8th July 2024

Colin Cook explores how faith and mindset impact addiction recovery using Romans 14:20,22. Discover practical advice and spiritual insights.
15 minutes

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Addiction Is A State Of Mind: Faith's Role in Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Addiction is rooted in the state of mind, not just the substance.
  • Guilt and shame can worsen addictive behaviours.
  • Faith can provide strength and balance in recovery.
  • Understanding biblical perspectives can aid in overcoming addiction.
  • Embracing faith helps eliminate guilt and fear.
Addiction thrives in a mind that is full of guilt and shame and fear.
In this episode of 'How it Happens with Colin Cook', Colin dives deep into the concept that addiction is fundamentally a state of mind. Using Romans 14:20,22 as a backdrop, Colin discusses how faith and a positive mindset can intercept addictive behaviours, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, food, or even obsessive worry. He shares an engaging story about a woman struggling with her weight, highlighting how guilt and shame can exacerbate addiction.
Colin explains that by embracing faith and rejecting guilt, one can achieve a more balanced approach to life and addiction recovery. This episode is rich with biblical references and practical advice, making it an essential listen for anyone looking to understand the spiritual dimensions of addiction. Colin's empathetic tone and relatable anecdotes provide comfort and hope, showing that with faith, overcoming addiction is possible. Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion that could change how you view your own struggles.