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  • Navigating Dementia: A Caregiver’s Journey of Love, Resilience, and Hard Decisions

Navigating Dementia: A Caregiver’s Journey of Love, Resilience, and Hard Decisions

Monday 8th July 2024

Royden Goodson shares his heartfelt journey of caring for loved ones with dementia, offering advice and insights for fellow caregivers.
33 minutes

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A Caregiver's Journey: Love, Resilience, and Hard Decisions

Episode Overview

  • Embrace the new reality of caregiving quickly.
  • Prioritise self-care to maintain your health.
  • Build a team that connects with your loved one.
  • Understand the balance between safety and independence.
  • Discuss and plan for medical decisions early.
One of the most important things you have to do as a caregiver is understand the importance of self-care
In this episode of Healthy YOU!, host Frankye Myers sits down with Royden Goodson, a dedicated caregiver, to discuss the heart-wrenching yet inspiring journey of caring for loved ones with dementia. Royden shares his experiences of looking after his wife, Martha, who was diagnosed with dementia in her late 50s, and his parents who also faced similar challenges. This conversation dives into the emotional and practical aspects of caregiving, offering valuable advice for those in similar situations.
Royden talks about the importance of self-care, building a supportive team, and making tough decisions. His candid stories, like the grocery store mishap with Martha, provide a glimpse into the daily realities and unexpected moments that come with caregiving. Whether you're a caregiver yourself or know someone who is, this episode provides heartfelt advice and relatable anecdotes that highlight resilience and love in the face of adversity.
Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of dementia care and the strength it takes to navigate this journey.