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  • Navigating Trauma Through MDMA Therapy with Jill Sitnick

Navigating Trauma Through MDMA Therapy with Jill Sitnick

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Join Justin Otto and Jill Sitnick as they discuss MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD and its transformative impact on Jill's life.
35 minutes

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Healing Trauma with MDMA Therapy: Jill Sitnick's Journey

Episode Overview

  • MDMA-assisted therapy can be effective for treating PTSD.
  • Jill Sitnick's journey highlights the importance of addressing unresolved trauma.
  • Psychedelic therapy offers new perspectives on life and healing.
  • Advocacy and education are crucial for reducing stigma around psychedelic treatments.
  • Healing from trauma requires time, patience, and the right support.
I was no longer suicidal and I actually saw a future for myself.
In this episode of Dharma Junkie, host Justin Otto chats with Jill Sitnick about her transformative journey through MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD. Jill's story begins with a tumultuous childhood marked by severe trauma from an abusive father and a clinically depressed mother. Despite building a successful career, the unresolved trauma resurfaced in her late forties after the loss of her long-term partner, leading to severe PTSD attacks.
Traditional talk therapy didn't offer much relief, so Jill's therapist suggested MDMA-assisted therapy, a method gaining recognition for its effectiveness in treating PTSD. Jill, initially sceptical due to her '80s anti-drug upbringing, found herself on a path to healing through three therapeutic journeys over the course of a year. By the end, she no longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis and felt hopeful about her future for the first time in years.
Jill now advocates for MDMA therapy and is actively involved in creating resources to educate others about this treatment. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of trauma, resilience, and the potential of psychedelic therapy to offer new perspectives on life. If you're curious about alternative therapies for PTSD or simply looking for an inspiring story of recovery, this conversation is one you won't want to miss.