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The Recovery Scene
"Addiction isn't pretty but Recovery is Beautiful"

Lesley Klepac

  • Never Alone

Never Alone

Tuesday 8th February 2022

Hear Tiffany's powerful story of overcoming addiction after surviving sexual assault on 'The Recovery Scene'. Discover the impact of ADHD and community support.
33 minutes

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The Recovery Scene
"Addiction isn't pretty but Recovery is Beautiful"
Lesley Klepac
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Tiffany's Triumph: From Trauma to Recovery

The pain of losing my entire family that didn't believe me and didn't want to believe that I was sexually abused, hurt, so fucking bad that I was.
Imagine surviving the horrors of sexual assault only to face the relentless grip of addiction. That's Tiffany's story. In this episode of 'The Recovery Scene', Tiffany opens up about her harrowing journey from being a victim of sexual assault to battling addiction. She speaks candidly about the pain and isolation she felt, especially when her family turned their backs on her. But Tiffany's story doesn't end there.
Through the support of role models and community, she found a way to heal and reclaim her life. She highlights how ADHD influenced her addiction and recovery, shedding light on often overlooked complexities. Tiffany's resilience is a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with similar struggles. She reminds us that 'family finds you, family isn't always blood'. Tune in to hear her inspiring journey and discover the power of community and support in overcoming life's toughest battles.