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  • Never Leaving Nor Forsaking

Never Leaving Nor Forsaking

Saturday 12th January 2019

Join Pastor Tony Chick and Worship Director Mitchell Yost of Benchmark Church in Hartland, MI as they share a message of hope and faith in this week's episode. Learn about the power of prayer, the importance of understanding God's word, and the enduring faithfulness of the God we serve. Listen to the episode now on
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Understanding God's Word: A Message of Faith and Hope from Benchmark Church

We have to just go in and possess that victory and claim that victory... generally what we forget is the battle is already being won.
Benchmark Church, led by Pastor Tony Chick and Worship Director Mitchell Yost, is a Free Methodist Church located in Hartland, MI. In this week's episode, Pastor Tony delivers a powerful message about God's enduring faithfulness to those who seek after His name. The episode begins with Mitchell sharing his experiences praying for people across the country before diving into the main topic: the power of God's word and the importance of understanding it.
Pastor Tony emphasizes that God's word is the foundation of our faith and that by knowing and standing on His promises, we can overcome any trial or tribulation that comes our way. He reminds listeners that the battle has already been won and that we need to claim our victory in Christ. The episode also touches on the role of the church in community welfare and the importance of forgiveness and making amends.
Pastor Tony encourages listeners to have faith as small as a mustard seed, reminding them that faith is what moves mountains. He concludes the episode with a powerful call-to-action, urging listeners not to leave without giving their lives to Christ. This episode is both inspiring and empowering, reminding us of the enduring faithfulness of the God we serve. Listen to the full episode now on