Heather Pulido

Girl, Get Up

Heather Pulido

  • New Year New Rules

New Year New Rules

Friday 20th January 2023

Join Heather Pulido on 'Girl, Get Up' as she discusses faith-driven resolutions, overcoming challenges, and finding purpose in life.
15 minutes

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Girl, Get Up
Heather Pulido
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Heather Pulido on New Beginnings and Faith-Driven Resolutions

Life with God is so much better than what I had going on.
Heather Pulido kicks off her new podcast 'Girl, Get Up' with a heartfelt introduction that sets the stage for a journey of redemption, surrender, and purpose. Broadcasting from Fort Worth, Texas, Heather opens up about her life as a special needs mom and the challenges she faces daily. In this episode, she dives into the significance of incorporating Jesus into your New Year's resolutions and how faith can be a cornerstone for overcoming life's obstacles.
Heather's candid storytelling is both relatable and inspiring, offering listeners a glimpse into her own path of rededication and surrender. She emphasizes the importance of working through past trauma to find healing and peace, urging listeners to trust in God's plan for their lives. With her real-talk approach and genuine experiences, Heather aims to inspire and empower her audience to rise above their struggles and live their best lives with faith by their side.
Tune in to 'Girl, Get Up' for an uplifting conversation that blends spiritual insights with practical advice, perfect for anyone looking to start the year with a renewed sense of purpose.