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The Recovery Scene
"Addiction isn't pretty but Recovery is Beautiful"

Lesley Klepac

  • "Not" an Addict

"Not" an Addict

Monday 30th January 2023

Rob recounts his journey from addiction to recovery after a near-fatal shooting, emphasizing the transformative power of surrender.
66 minutes

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The Recovery Scene
"Addiction isn't pretty but Recovery is Beautiful"
Lesley Klepac
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Rob's Revelation: From Denial to Recovery After a Near-Fatal Event

I never in a million years thought to be sitting here on the other side of the screen saying: I sure hope I get shot in the head. I've been lynched of getting off the cast and crew for my story. So I want my scars and my story to serve as that lighthouse for others heading to the same rocks.
Imagine thinking you have everything under control, only to have your world turned upside down in an instant. That's exactly what happened to Rob. In this gripping episode of 'The Recovery Scene', Rob recounts his harrowing journey from substance use to a life-altering event that made him rethink everything. Having dabbled with substances from a young age, Rob's addiction escalated during his career in the oil fields.
Despite his efforts to manage it, he found himself trapped in a relentless cycle of self-destruction. It wasn't until he was shot in the head that he had a wake-up call that would change his life forever. This episode isn't just about the trauma; it's about the profound transformation that followed. Rob opens up about his decision to surrender to a higher power, a choice that has since reshaped his entire existence.
Now an active figure in the recovery community, Rob hopes his story will serve as a beacon for others navigating similar paths. His candid account of surrender and recovery is both raw and inspiring, offering a message of hope to anyone grappling with addiction. Tune in to hear Rob's compelling story and discover how recovery can emerge from the most unexpected places.