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  • Not Your Lucky Charm. He's Your Lord.

Not Your Lucky Charm. He's Your Lord.

Sunday 13th January 2019

Listen to the Weekly podcast from Renewal Chapels and be inspired by a Christ-centered message of encouragement and hope for anyone battling addiction, anxiety, and anger.
40 minutes

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Not Your Lucky Charm. He's Your Lord: A Message of Hope and Renewal from Renewal Chapels

We're not going to treat him like a vending machine from heaven that we can go drop a few prayers and a few requests in a few good deeds and pull the handle, and he's supposed to give us what we want.
Renewal Chapels brings a message of hope and renewal in the podcast episode, 'Not Your Lucky Charm. He's Your Lord.' The episode features a Christ-centered message of encouragement, providing hope to those battling addiction, anxiety, and anger. The host, Mark Booth, challenges listeners to understand the true meaning of prayer and to focus on putting Christ first in their lives.
Booth emphasizes the importance of the present tense in scripture and its relevance to our understanding of Christ's role in our lives. He also discusses the hope of glory and redemption through Christ and the significance of Christ's scars and his intercession for us. He reminds listeners that putting Christ first in their lives is essential, and that doing so will lead to a life of deliverance and reconciliation.
The podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking hope and renewal in their lives. So, what are you waiting for? Listen to the episode now here on and discover the power of Christ's love and hope in your life.