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Doug Hildreth and Christine Stacey

  • Opening Up Hard Work

Opening Up Hard Work

Thursday 30th December 2021

Doug and Christine discuss the transformative power of hard work, commitment, and forgiveness in this episode of 'Boy Open Up'.
37 minutes

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Hard Work and Redemption: Doug and Christine's Journey

It's about the fact that hard work pays off if you're willing to do it for Decades, and that's that.
Ever wondered how dedication and perseverance can change a life? In this episode of 'Boy Open Up', hosts Doug Hildreth and Christine Stacey dive into the power of hard work and redemption. They reflect on their remarkable journey, spanning nearly two decades, to achieve a major milestone that’s more meaningful than any material gift. Doug opens up about the grueling process of buying out his company, a feat that required countless documents, business plans, and succession plans.
Despite his determination, Doug faced rejection from bankers due to his criminal record. He shares how taking responsibility for his past actions and working tirelessly to make amends paved the way for his success. Christine, on the other hand, talks about pushing through extreme discomfort to continue sharing her insights on the podcast. Together, they emphasize the importance of building emotional worth and value as keys to personal growth.
This episode is a testament to how hard work, commitment, and forgiveness can transform lives and lead to lasting fulfillment.