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  • Overcoming Jealousy with Shanenn Bryant

Overcoming Jealousy with Shanenn Bryant

Saturday 29th June 2024

Shanenn Bryant shares her journey from jealousy to confidence and offers practical advice for overcoming insecurity in relationships.
37 minutes

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Breaking Free from Jealousy: Insights with Shanenn Bryant

Episode Overview

  • Recognise the root causes of jealousy and address them.
  • Understand the impact of social media on feelings of inadequacy.
  • Reprogram core wounds from childhood for healthier relationships.
  • Learn emotional regulation techniques to manage jealousy.
  • Build trust within yourself rather than relying solely on your partner.
Jealousy is not the problem, it's a solution
Ever wondered how to break free from the grip of jealousy? In this episode of The Abundance Alchemist Podcast, host Caitlyn Dorsey chats with Shanenn Bryant, the founder and CEO of Top Self, a self-development company dedicated to tackling feelings of low self-worth, insecurity, and jealousy in relationships.
Shanenn, a relationship confidence expert and host of the Top Self podcast, brings a wealth of experience and insights into the conversation, sharing her journey from being plagued by jealousy to becoming a beacon of confidence and self-assurance. Shanenn opens up about her tumultuous past, growing up with an alcoholic father and how it shaped her insecurities and jealous tendencies. She candidly discusses the impact of social media on jealousy and how it exacerbates feelings of inadequacy.
Through her personal anecdotes and professional expertise, Shanenn provides practical advice on recognising and addressing the root causes of jealousy. The episode dives into the concept of 'core wounds'—emotional scars from childhood that influence adult behaviour—and how these can be reprogrammed for healthier relationships. Shanenn likens jealousy to an addiction, explaining how the urge for reassurance can lead to toxic behaviours like checking a partner's phone or social media.
She emphasises the importance of emotional regulation and building trust within oneself rather than relying solely on a partner for validation. One standout moment is when Shanenn talks about the difference between fault and responsibility, highlighting that while jealousy might be a natural reaction to certain situations, it's crucial to take responsibility for managing those emotions.
She also touches on the significance of community support in overcoming jealousy, sharing how her trust-building boot camps create a safe space for individuals to connect and heal. If you're struggling with jealousy or know someone who is, this episode offers a compassionate and practical guide to understanding and overcoming these challenging emotions. Tune in to gain valuable insights and start your journey towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships.