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2 Sober Chicks - Lisa & Julie

  • part 2 of 6 toxic relationship habits - how's your score?

part 2 of 6 toxic relationship habits - how's your score?

Sunday 13th January 2019

Discover the toxic relationship habits you may have fallen into and how to take responsibility for your emotions with Lisa and Julie on 2 Sober Chicks.
13 minutes

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2 Sober Chicks - Lisa & Julie
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Toxic Relationship Habits: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Emotions with 2 Sober Chicks

Take responsibility for your own emotions and expect your partner to be responsible for theirs.
In the latest episode of 2 Sober Chicks, Lisa and Julie delve into the second part of their six-part series on toxic relationship habits. This episode centers around taking responsibility for your own emotions and not blaming your partner for them. Lisa and Julie share their experiences and reflections, highlighting the importance of personal development and being responsible for your own emotional state.
They discuss the role of the 12 Steps in recovery and how it teaches us to stay centered and accountable for our own emotions. They also touch on the normalcy of jealousy in relationships and how trust and honesty are crucial in overcoming it. The episode ends with a discussion on renewing vows and what it means for each individual, and how it can be a toxic habit if not done for the right reasons.
Lisa and Julie also offer their support and advice to those who have lost loved ones, sharing their own experiences and how they have found comfort in supporting others who are grieving. This episode is both informative and inspiring, reminding us that taking responsibility for our own emotions is crucial in building healthy relationships. Listen to the episode now here on alcoholfree.com.