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  • Pat Oates - Meditation

Pat Oates - Meditation

Saturday 13th March 2021

Pat Oates discusses using meditation for recovery and self-love on 'North of Sanity'. Hear his journey through addiction and the healing power of comedy.
44 minutes

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Pat Oates on Finding Peace: Meditation and Recovery in Comedy

Your flaws have made you the guy at that you liked more than any other age you've ever liked. Tell yourself that when you're meditating, that's the focus on what's the thing you love about yourself the most - the fact that I can keep working on myself.
Imagine navigating the chaotic world of comedy while battling addiction and mental health challenges. That's exactly what comedian Pat Oates discusses in this episode of 'North of Sanity'. Hosted by Steve, this candid conversation dives into how meditation became a lifeline for Oates during the pandemic. Struggling with addiction, Oates used to rely on substances to feel good. However, he found a healthier path through meditation, which helped him heal and embrace self-love.
Oates opens up about his initial skepticism towards meditation and how it transformed his life. He shares practical tips for men who might be hesitant to give it a try, emphasizing that it's not about perfection but progress. The comedian also touches on the importance of forgiveness—both for oneself and others—as a crucial part of recovery. Working retail provided Oates with a distraction from negative thoughts, offering him a sense of normalcy and routine.
He also speaks candidly about his experience with stuttering and how it intertwined with his alcohol addiction. Despite these challenges, Oates remains committed to his craft, using comedy as both an outlet and a source of joy. This episode isn't just for those in recovery; it's for anyone seeking inspiration and practical advice on dealing with life's hurdles. Tune in to hear Pat Oates' heartfelt journey and discover how meditation can be a powerful tool for healing.