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  • Patty D – Fresno CA

Patty D – Fresno CA

Saturday 11th November 1989

Join Patty D in her journey to recovery in this episode of the 12 Step Recovery Podcast. Learn about her experiences, reflections, and key takeaways here on
38 minutes

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Patty D's Journey to Recovery in 12 Step Recovery Podcast

To be honest, to be honest within ourselves, to be honest, as honest as we can.
The 12 Step Recovery Podcast features stories of experience, strength, and hope that inspire listeners to enhance their recovery journey. The episode titled Patty D - Fresno CA is one such story. Patty D, a newly sober woman, shares her experiences and reflections on the recovery process. Her story highlights the importance of dealing with emotions and love, being honest with oneself, and attending AA meetings to restore sanity.
Patty D's story also emphasizes the value of sponsorship in recovery and how it can help individuals work the AA program and help themselves. The 10th step of AA is another crucial aspect of her journey that she speaks about, emphasizing its power in keeping one sober. Patty D's story is an inspiring and empowering one that will resonate with anyone on their journey to recovery.
Listen to the episode now here on and be encouraged to work towards a life of sobriety.