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  • Peer Educators and Dual Disorders

Peer Educators and Dual Disorders

Monday 12th November 2007

Learn how to achieve recovery from dual disorders through peer support and education in this episode of One Hour at a Time. Join host Mary Woods and guest Moe Armstrong as they share their experiences and insights.
54 minutes

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Achieving Recovery from Dual Disorders through Peer Support and Education

To get really well, you’ve got to get free from anger and power or attempting to overpower people.
In this episode of One Hour at a Time, host Mary Woods and guest Moe Armstrong discuss how individuals can achieve recovery from co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders through peer support and education. Armstrong, who has been living with mental illness for 35 years, emphasizes the importance of working with others who are going through similar experiences and developing a daily commitment to staying clean and sober.
The traditional clinical approach to treating these disorders is often insufficient, Armstrong notes, and individuals often feel like a 'ping-pong ball' bouncing between providers. Instead, Armstrong advocates for a more integrated approach that includes ongoing peer support and education. Key takeaways from the episode include the importance of self-soothing, recognizing early warning signs, and ongoing education to support recovery.
Overall, this episode is informative, empowering, and hopeful, providing listeners with practical insights and strategies for achieving lasting recovery from dual disorders. Listen to the episode now here on and take the first step towards a healthier and happier life.