Maram Ben Rhouma

Self Evolution Regardless: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and Self Growth

Maram Ben Rhouma

  • People Pleasers! Wake Up!

People Pleasers! Wake Up!

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Join the conversation on the Self Evolution Regardless podcast episode 'People Pleasers! Wake Up!' Learn how to break free from the cycle of abuse and take control of your life with self-investment and love.
36 minutes

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Self Evolution Regardless: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and Self Growth
Maram Ben Rhouma
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Breaking Free from the People Pleaser Trap: A Guide to Self-Evolution Regardless

As long as you are strong enough to say no and you're strong enough to stand up for yourself and you are strong enough to decide for yourself what you want to do, never be afraid of just not being impressed.
In the Self Evolution Regardless episode titled 'People Pleasers! Wake Up!', host Maram Ben Rhouma delves into the dangers and pain of being a people pleaser. She highlights the traits of people pleasers, such as too much agreeability and the inability to say 'no,' and how these traits make them vulnerable to emotional exploitation. Ben Rhouma emphasizes the importance of standing up for oneself and deciding for oneself what to do.
She encourages people pleasers to stop being a pushover and to never sacrifice their authenticity. Instead, she urges them to invest in themselves for self-evolution and to practice self-love as a means of recovery from narcissistic abuse. Through her insights and guidance, listeners will gain a better understanding of the people pleaser trap and how to break free from it. Listen to the episode now here on and take the first step towards self-evolution regardless of the abuse.