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  • Peter Maldonado - A Willing Participant

Peter Maldonado - A Willing Participant

Friday 28th June 2024

Join Joseph Gordo and Peter Maldonado as they discuss addiction, recovery, and the power of self-worth in this heartfelt episode of Talksicology.
58 minutes

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Peter Maldonado: A Journey of Self-Worth and Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Peter shares his Hispanic upbringing and its impact on his life.
  • Discusses his journey through substance use and early legal troubles.
  • Highlights the importance of self-worth in achieving sobriety.
  • Candid reflections on imposter syndrome and ego challenges.
  • Emphasises the role of community support in recovery.
I remember thinking when being around people in recovery, I was like, you guys don't use like I do then.
In this episode of Talksicology, Joseph Gordo sits down with Peter Maldonado, a passionate recovery advocate and business development executive in the behavioural health field. Peter opens up about his Hispanic upbringing, his journey through substance use, and his early encounters with the legal system. He shares how these experiences shaped his current work in mental health and recovery. The conversation takes a deep dive into the complexities of recovery culture and the importance of self-worth in sobriety.
Peter's candid reflections on his own struggles with imposter syndrome and ego provide a raw and honest look at the challenges many face in recovery. The episode is peppered with light-hearted moments and humorous anecdotes, making it both engaging and insightful. Joseph and Peter's chemistry shines through as they discuss everything from Peter's early days in recovery to his ongoing journey of self-discovery.
If you're looking for an authentic and heartfelt discussion on addiction, recovery, and the power of community, this episode is a must-listen.