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podcast Step 1

Tuesday 1st November 2005

Discover the importance of honesty in recovery as discussed in the Recovery in Christ Podcast's episode on Step 1. Join the discussion on alcoholfree.com.
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The Power of Honesty: Step 1 in Recovery According to Recovery in Christ Podcast

We need to be honest about our past. Hurts expresses our feelings, confront the guilty and work through forgiveness.
The Recovery in Christ Podcast has been a valuable resource for Christians seeking tools for recovery. In their latest episode, titled 'Step 1,' host Rik Mulcahey delves into the spiritual principle of honesty and its importance in the recovery process. Mulcahey begins by emphasizing the common tendency to bury past hurts and traumas, leading to unresolved pain that can manifest in unhealthy coping mechanisms and addictive behavior. However, by being honest with oneself and seeking forgiveness, one can begin to confront the root causes of their pain and take steps towards healing.
Throughout the episode, Mulcahey emphasizes the role of spirituality in the recovery process, highlighting the power of admitting powerlessness and seeking help from a higher power. By doing so, one can begin to let go of the burden of control and allow themselves to trust the process of recovery.
Mulcahey also discusses the 12-step recovery process and the importance of community support. By sharing experiences and seeking guidance from others who have gone through similar struggles, one can gain strength and perspective on their journey towards recovery.
The Recovery in Christ Podcast's episode on Step 1 is a valuable resource for anyone seeking tools and guidance on their recovery journey. By emphasizing the power of honesty and spirituality in the healing process, Mulcahey provides a message of hope and encouragement for those struggling with addiction and past trauma. Join the discussion on alcoholfree.com and share your experiences and insights with others on the path to recovery. Listen to the episode now here on alcoholfree.com.