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Recover in christ

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Sunday 25th September 2005

Join the host of Recovery in Christ, Richard, as he shares how faith can help those struggling with addiction find hope and healing. Listen now on alcoholfree.com.
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Recover in christ
rik mulcahey
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Recovery in Christ: Finding Hope and Healing Through Faith

The answer to the solution is reaching out to Jesus Christ.
Are you struggling with addiction and searching for hope and healing? Look no further than Recovery in Christ, a Christian outreach support website dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction through faith. In the podcast episode titled "Podcast Welcome: Click Green Button," host Richard provides an introduction to the website's mission and purpose, as well as the various tools and resources available for Christian support.
Richard stresses the importance of faith in addiction recovery, stating that "the answer to the solution is reaching out to Jesus Christ." He acknowledges that addiction can take many forms, from drinking and drugs to food, anxiety, and sexual addiction, but he firmly believes that faith can be a powerful tool in overcoming these struggles.
One of the resources available on Recovery in Christ is an audio file of the 12 steps, which Richard has chosen to focus on for the time being. He invites listeners to click the green button on the website to listen to the steps, which will be updated weekly. In addition, there are weekly chat meetings and a message board where individuals can connect and share their experiences.
Throughout the episode, Richard's compassion and encouragement shine through as he shares his own experiences and reflections on addiction and faith. He emphasizes that everyone's journey is unique, but that there is hope and healing available for those who reach out for support.
In summary, Recovery in Christ is a valuable resource for anyone seeking Christian support and guidance in overcoming addiction. Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been in recovery for some time, Richard's words of wisdom and encouragement are sure to inspire you. So why wait? Click the green button and start your journey to recovery in Christ today. Listen to the full episode now here on alcoholfree.com.