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  • Prioritize Yourself

Prioritize Yourself

Thursday 14th December 2023

Join Brandi Vezina as she shares her journey of prioritizing self-care and finding balance. Discover actionable tips for a more peaceful life.
9 minutes

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Going Inward with Brandi Vezina
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Putting Yourself First: Brandi Vezina's Guide to Self-Care

Episode Overview

  • Prioritising oneself is crucial for overall well-being and balance in a fast-moving world.
  • Saying no and normalising rest are vital steps towards self-care and mental wellness.
  • A regulated nervous system is a precious gift that positively impacts personal and professional life.
  • Taking time for oneself contributes to enhanced creativity and overall contentment.
  • Simple, actionable changes in daily routine can lead to improved physical and mental health.
A regulated nervous system is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It's not easy. I sometimes feel guilty when I take time. Like, you know, I work with the public. There are people who send their kids to school when they should be home resting. There are people who come to work sick. Well, you know, lo and behold, I do my best to make sure and take my vitamins, get enough sleep, drink enough water, take care of my physical wellbeing. But eventually I get worn out as well. If I don't have enough sense to take a day when I'm sickly and I'm on the verge of like massive sickness, if I don't take that time, well, it leads to burnout and it leads to like a full on bad, cold, flu, whatever it may be.
Ever feel like you're always putting others before yourself? Brandi Vezina gets it. In this heartfelt episode of 'Going Inward', she opens up about the struggle and necessity of prioritizing yourself. Drawing from her own experiences, Brandi dives into why self-care isn't just a buzzword but a crucial part of maintaining mental and physical health. She shares her journey of learning to say no, finding balance, and the transformative power of rest.
Brandi's down-to-earth advice and relatable anecdotes make this episode a must-listen for anyone feeling overwhelmed by life's demands. Whether you're new to the concept of self-care or looking for fresh insights, Brandi's wisdom will inspire you to take those first steps towards a more balanced, peaceful life.