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  • Problem Gambling--The Stakes Are Getting Higher

Problem Gambling--The Stakes Are Getting Higher

Monday 24th June 2024

Join Jody Bechtold on the SMART Recovery® Podcast as she discusses the rise of problem gambling, its link to suicide, and practical tools for recovery.
45 minutes

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The High Stakes of Problem Gambling: Insights from Jody Bechtold

Episode Overview

  • Problem gambling is closely linked to suicide.
  • The rise in legalised sports betting has increased problem gambling.
  • Practical tools can help manage and reduce gambling addiction.
  • Financial management is crucial in recovery from gambling.
  • Support from clinicians and family is essential for effective treatment.
Problem gambling is a terrible relationship with money in addition to other things
Ever wondered about the hidden dangers of gambling? In this episode of the SMART Recovery® Podcast, Luke Frazier chats with Jody Bechtold, CEO of The Better Institute and an internationally certified gambling counsellor. Jody shares her journey from social work to becoming a leading voice in problem gambling treatment. She discusses the alarming rise in problem gambling, especially with the surge in legalised sports betting.
Jody points out the strong link between problem gambling and suicide, emphasising the urgent need for more clinicians to focus on this issue. She also highlights practical tools and strategies that can help those struggling with gambling addiction. From blocking access to gambling sites to managing finances, Jody provides actionable advice for those looking to break free from the grip of gambling.
The episode is packed with valuable insights and personal stories, making it a must-listen for anyone affected by gambling addiction. Tune in to learn more about how to tackle this growing problem and support your loved ones in their recovery journey.