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RC2C Jack McCarthy Tribute Show

Sunday 13th January 2019

Join Neil Scott and Mike Hickey on Recovery Coast to Coast as they pay tribute to American poet Jack McCarthy. Listen to the episode now on
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Remembering Legendary Poet Jack McCarthy on Recovery Coast to Coast Radio

He believed that when Americans think of poetry, they don't think of school and homework, but they will think of laughter and tears, a shortcut to the heart.
On this episode of Recovery Coast to Coast, Neil Scott and Mike Hickey pay tribute to the late Jack McCarthy, a legendary American poet and national slam poetry champion. McCarthy, who passed away in 2013, was known for his unique blend of humor and emotion in his poetry, and for his advocacy for addiction recovery and support groups. In this episode, Scott and Hickey discuss McCarthy's life and legacy, including his struggles with alcoholism and his journey to sobriety.
Throughout the episode, listeners are treated to clips from McCarthy's appearances on Recovery Coast to Coast, where he discussed his experiences with addiction and recovery. McCarthy believed that storytelling and humor were essential tools for navigating the challenges of addiction and for inspiring others to seek help.
Scott and Hickey also reflect on the importance of support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, which played a pivotal role in McCarthy's life and recovery. They discuss the power of listening and sharing in these groups, and how they provide a sense of community and accountability for those struggling with addiction.
The episode concludes with a moving tribute to McCarthy's life and work, including a poem written by McCarthy's daughter Kathleen. Scott and Hickey encourage listeners to honor McCarthy's legacy by taking action in their own lives, whether that means seeking help for addiction or supporting others on their recovery journey.
Overall, this episode of Recovery Coast to Coast is a touching tribute to a beloved poet and recovery advocate, and a powerful reminder of the importance of community, humor, and storytelling in the fight against addiction. Listen to the episode now on