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  • RE 204: Should I Avoid Social Events Where Alcohol Will be Present?

RE 204: Should I Avoid Social Events Where Alcohol Will be Present?

Monday 14th January 2019

Lucy shares her insights on social situations where alcohol is present and how to navigate them in Recovery Elevator Podcast RE 204. Find out more on
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Should I Avoid Social Events Where Alcohol Will be Present? Insights from Lucy on Recovery Elevator Podcast RE 204

It's just about finding, finding your right thing...if you want, to anyone who feels like they like, I never understood before what people meant when they said that you need to find your sober, your tribe, and that you can't do this alone, and so on
Recovery Elevator's latest episode, RE 204, addresses the question many people ask themselves when they decide to cut alcohol from their lives: Should I avoid social events where alcohol will be present? Lucy, a guest on the show, shares her insights on navigating social situations sober. Lucy, with 65 days of sobriety, highlights the importance of finding sober support, learning from relapses, and self-discovery.
In the podcast, Lucy shares her experience with binge drinking and how she discovered that she needed to quit drinking. The episode also discusses the challenges of attending social events where alcohol is present, and the importance of finding new ways to have fun. Lucy shares her journey of self-discovery and how she found her tribe of sober friends.
Recovery Elevator's RE 204 is an informative and thought-provoking podcast that provides valuable insights for anyone looking to cut alcohol from their lives. Listen to the episode now on and find out more about Lucy's journey to sobriety.