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  • Recovery Check Ins Episode 22 with Teddy

Recovery Check Ins Episode 22 with Teddy

Monday 30th October 2023

Listen to Teddy's inspiring story of overcoming addiction, marked by prison terms and overdoses, and finding hope in recovery.
102 minutes

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Teddy's Tale: From Darkness to Light in Addiction Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Teddy shares his journey of addiction, including 2 prison terms and 4 overdoses.
  • He emphasizes the impact of addiction on his life and the importance of support in recovery.
  • Teddy's commitment to sobriety and his wife's support have been instrumental in his recovery.
  • His openness and honesty provide a powerful message of hope and resilience to those fighting addiction.
  • Despite the challenges, Teddy's journey reflects the universal struggle of finding hope in recovery.
I'm just happy to be here man because this is cool this is really cool that you're doing this and I'm glad you found something for yourself you know. It's got nothing, I'm cool, I'm just happy to be here man because this is cool.
Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn your life around after hitting rock bottom? In this compelling episode of 'Recovery Check Ins', Teddy opens up about his tumultuous journey through addiction, marked by two prison terms and four overdoses. His story is raw and unfiltered, shedding light on the harsh realities of addiction and the long road to recovery.
Teddy doesn't shy away from discussing the darkest moments of his life, but he also shares the pivotal moments that led to his transformation. His candidness about the role of support systems, particularly his wife's unwavering belief in him, offers a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with addiction. This episode isn't just about the struggles; it's about resilience, the power of human spirit, and the possibility of a brighter future.
Teddy's story is a testament to the fact that recovery is possible, no matter how dire the circumstances. Tune in to hear a powerful narrative that will leave you inspired and hopeful.