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  • Recovery Radio 7/4/2024

Recovery Radio 7/4/2024

Monday 8th July 2024

Join Jane from Lewiston as she shares her heartfelt journey through addiction and recovery in this inspiring episode of Recovery Radio.

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Recovery Radio from KRFP in Moscow Idaho
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Jane's Journey: From Addiction to Hope on Recovery Radio

Episode Overview

  • Jane shares her candid journey through addiction and recovery.
  • The importance of building a supportive network.
  • Reflections on family dynamics and their impact on addiction.
  • The role of AA meetings and community support.
  • Challenges and triumphs in maintaining sobriety.
If you can't control what's going to happen after the first drink, maybe you're one of us
Celebrate Independence Day with a powerful episode of Recovery Radio, featuring an intimate interview with 'Jane' from Lewiston. Hosted by the ever-charismatic Radio Johnny and co-host Denise, this episode dives into Jane's raw and honest journey through addiction and recovery. You'll hear about her darkest days, the turning points that led her to seek help, and the ongoing challenges she faces in maintaining sobriety.
Jane's story is filled with relatable moments, making it a must-listen for anyone struggling with addiction or supporting someone who is. The hosts create a warm and supportive atmosphere, blending humour with heartfelt moments, making you feel like you're part of a close-knit community. Jane's reflections on her past, her relationship with her family, and the importance of finding a supportive network are both touching and enlightening.
Whether you're in recovery yourself or simply looking for a story of resilience and hope, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration. Don't miss out on this candid conversation that sheds light on the realities of addiction and the power of recovery.