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Recovery Rocks! 1

Thursday 6th June 2019

Jeff discusses how service transformed his recovery and the importance of spiritual principles in sobriety on 'Recovery Rocks!'
17 minutes

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Recovery Rocks! - Finding Purpose Through Service and Sobriety

The guilt, the shame, the pain, the hurt and the anger that I carried was my problem. So I think it is hugely important to look at the fact that alcohol is a drug and that if you're going to bounce from one to the other to the other, you have done nothing but just remained an addict of a different sort, and I think that is huge.
Ever wondered how service can transform your recovery journey? In this episode of 'Recovery Rocks!', Jeff, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, opens up about his path to sobriety and the pivotal role service has played in his life. Jeff shares candidly about the early days of his recovery, emphasizing how getting involved in service made him feel valued and gave him a sense of purpose.
He recounts his initial disbelief when meeting people with years of sobriety, assuming they were exaggerating their success. But as he engaged more in service, he found himself inspired and hopeful, realizing the power of shared experiences. Jeff also dives into the differences between Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), reading a poignant passage from the NA book that highlights the importance of spiritual principles in recovery.
He passionately argues that recognizing alcohol as a drug is crucial, pointing out that societal acceptance often masks its dangers. Jeff believes that bouncing from one substance to another is just swapping addictions, and he stresses the need for a holistic approach to sobriety. Listeners will find Jeff's insights both relatable and inspiring, especially his belief that service can help build trust and make newcomers feel welcome.
This episode isn't just about Jeff's story; it's about creating a community where everyone feels they belong. So, if you're seeking motivation or just a dose of real talk about recovery, tune in to 'Recovery Rocks!' and join Jeff on this heartfelt journey.