Radhia Gleis and Peter McCarthy

The Wellness Connection

Radhia Gleis and Peter McCarthy

  • Regenerative Medicine and The First Scientific Freedom Symposium

Regenerative Medicine and The First Scientific Freedom Symposium

Thursday 2nd May 2019

Join 'The Wellness Connection' for insights on regenerative medicine, health freedom, and green living with experts Dr. David Harris and Dr. Pam Popper.
58 minutes

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Revolutionary Healing: Insights from Regenerative Medicine and Health Freedom Advocates

When you look at what's been studied, it's strange to me that people think surgery is the studied method and that regenerative techniques are the unstudied method.
Imagine a life without joint pain or the constant struggle with connective tissue damage. In this episode of 'The Wellness Connection', hosts Radhia Gleis and Peter McCarthy invite you to explore groundbreaking solutions in natural health and green living. Dr. David Harris MD, a leading expert in prolotherapy and plasma rich platelet (PRP) therapy, shares his extensive experience in performing over 150,000 procedures.
He dives into the effectiveness of these treatments, as well as stem cell therapy and bone marrow concentrates, all backed by clinical studies. But that's not all—this episode also features Dr. Pam Popper PhD, a pioneering naturopath and researcher. Dr. Popper discusses her participation in the first-ever Symposium on Scientific Freedom in Copenhagen, Denmark, highlighting the importance of health freedom and the challenges faced by advocates of natural health.
She also touches on the role of diet and nutrition in preventing and resolving diseases, offering practical insights for everyday life. You'll also hear about the latest changes to supplement facts labels mandated by the FDA and the 'Labelwise' campaign, which simplifies what consumers need to know when shopping for dietary supplements.
The episode doesn't shy away from technical details either; it covers the differences between niacin and niacinamide, the use of inositol hexanicotinate for joint pain relief, and even delves into sulfuronureus like metformin. Wrapping up with a listener-submitted burning question on niacin and niacinamide, this episode is packed with valuable information for anyone keen on natural health, green living, and advocating for health freedom.