• Reimagining Independence: A look into the VA helping those with Vision Loss

Reimagining Independence: A look into the VA helping those with Vision Loss

Friday 5th July 2024

Explore VA services for veterans with vision loss, featuring insights from Heather Solberg on therapy, technology, and family support.
27 minutes

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VA Support for Veterans with Vision Loss: A Comprehensive Guide

Episode Overview

  • VA offers a range of services including low vision therapy and assistive technology training.
  • Telehealth options are available for veterans in rural areas.
  • Family training sessions help support veterans at home.
  • The VA collaborates closely with mental health professionals.
  • Programmes are tailored to meet individual needs and promote independence.
Our number one priority is to help the veteran become as independent as possible and also help the caregiver understand what that looks like
This episode of Blindsight takes a deep dive into the world of VA services for military veterans dealing with vision loss. Hosted by Bill Lundgrin, the episode features Heather Solberg, the Visual Treatment Coordinator at the VA, who shares her extensive experience and insights into the comprehensive support system available to veterans. From low vision therapy to assistive technology training, the VA offers a range of services aimed at helping veterans adjust to vision loss and regain independence.
Heather discusses how the VA's programmes are tailored to meet individual needs, including telehealth options for those in rural areas and family training sessions to support veterans at home. The conversation also touches on the importance of mental health support and the VA's close collaboration with mental health professionals to address issues like grief and loss associated with vision impairment.
Whether you're a veteran or have a loved one who is, this episode provides valuable information on accessing and benefiting from VA services. Don't miss out on learning how these programmes can make a significant difference in the lives of those who have served.