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Monday 6th January 2020

Join Drew on this episode of Unashamed Recovery as he shares his firsthand experience with relapse and how he overcame the shame and guilt associated with it.
24 minutes

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Relapse: Overcoming Shame and Guilt in Addiction Recovery

Living my best life is what I thought I was living at that point in time, but I didn't have any tools to back the way I was living. I was having such a hard time being sober that I started using comfort mechanisms.
The Unashamed Recovery podcast is breaking the stigma of addiction and recovery one episode at a time. On this episode, special guest Drew shares his firsthand experience with relapse and how he overcame the shame and guilt associated with it. Drew's story highlights the importance of honesty and support in recovery, and the benefits of a positive mindset. Relapse is a common occurrence in addiction recovery, but it is often accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt.
Drew's experience shows that these feelings do not have to define us, and that we can use them as motivation to continue on our recovery journey. Recovery is a process, and it is not always a straight line. Tools and support for relapse prevention are crucial in navigating this process. Drew emphasizes the importance of being honest with ourselves and others in order to maintain our sobriety. This honesty can be difficult, but it is necessary for growth and healing.
In addition to honesty, a positive mindset is also essential in recovery. Drew explains how changing our perspective on things can help us stay motivated and focused on our goals. The Unashamed Recovery podcast is a powerful resource for anyone on the journey to addiction recovery. Listen to the episode now here on and gain the tools and insights needed to overcome relapse and stay on the path to recovery.