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Retrospective Telling

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Join Lynn and Vikki, two sober gals, as they share their journey and reflections in the Telling On Ourselves podcast episode Retrospective Telling. Find inspiration and tips for staying in action and rewiring your brain for sobriety.
31 minutes

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Riding the Motorcycle of Recovery: A Retrospective Telling on Telling On Ourselves Podcast

Recovery is like riding a motorcycle! Be a verb moving forward. Relentless forward motion... It's recovery that's been infused into my muscle memory.
Telling On Ourselves is a podcast where the hosts, Lynn and Vikki, share their experiences of recovery through laughter, honesty, and support. In the episode Retrospective Telling, the two sober gals take a moment to reflect on their journey and share some of the tools and insights they've gained along the way. One of the most memorable takeaways from the episode is the metaphor of recovery as riding a motorcycle.
Lynn and Vikki emphasize the importance of being a verb moving forward, of relentless forward motion, and of keeping your head up and focused on where you want to go. They also discuss the power of rewiring your brain for sobriety, and the importance of leaving old habits behind and forging new paths. The four agreements are another topic of conversation, and Lynn and Vikki explore how they apply to recovery and to life in general.
Other highlights include the importance of being honest, open, and willing, of taking action for recovery, and of reflecting and writing things down. Lynn and Vikki also share some of their personal reflections, and how they've incorporated lessons from English class and other areas of life into their recovery journey. Whether you're new to recovery or have been on the path for a while, Retrospective Telling is a must-listen episode of Telling On Ourselves.
It's full of inspiration, tips, and insights that will help you stay focused, stay in action, and keep moving forward on your own journey of sobriety. Listen to the episode now here on and join Lynn and Vikki as they share their reflections and celebrate the beauty of this amazing feeling that is recovery.