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The Phoenix Project: Stories of Sobriety and Recovery

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  • S1:E1 - Matt Bell

S1:E1 - Matt Bell

Sunday 5th January 2020

Listen to The Phoenix Project Podcast and hear the story of Matt Bell's journey from addiction to sobriety. Discover his turning points and how he found help and hope.
38 minutes

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The Phoenix Project: Stories of Sobriety and Recovery
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From Addiction to Sobriety: The Inspiring Story of Matt Bell

There's nothing wrong with asking for help at all, I ask for help Every Single Day still I used to think that the longer I stay clean, the less I would need help.
The Phoenix Project's inaugural episode features Matt Bell, a recovering addict and alcoholic, who shares his journey from addiction to sobriety. Matt's struggle with addiction began in college, where he would drink and get high before games, believing it would enhance his performance. However, after an injury and being prescribed Percocets, Matt soon found himself addicted to prescription pain pills. Despite his denial, Matt's addiction had taken hold, and he began to spiral out of control.
It wasn't until he reached out for help that he began to see the possibility of recovery. One of the turning points for Matt was when he met a counselor who would later become his sponsor. Through the 12-step program and the support of his community, Matt was able to overcome his addiction. One of the most impactful moments in Matt's journey was the Dart program, where people stood on the corner with signs claiming their addiction and fighting back.
This program gave Matt the courage to be open and honest about his addiction and helped him to find the support he needed to continue his journey to sobriety. Through prayer, meditation, and the 12-step program, Matt continues to grow and evolve in his recovery. Matt's story is a powerful reminder that recovery is possible, and that the support of a community can make all the difference.
If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, listen to The Phoenix Project podcast and discover how you can find help and hope.